Woman Allegedly Steals Credit Card, Racks Up $9,000 in Charges

Written By: Bloomington Criminal Defense Lawyer & DWI DUI Defense Attorney Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Edina | Published On: 21st December 2012

Credit card fraud charges have been filed against a Burnsville woman who allegedly swiped a credit card from a Burnsville store and then made nearly $9,000 in fraudulent charges.

Charlotte Denise Daniel, 42, faces $20,000 in fines and up to 20 years in prison for two counts of credit card fraud, a felony.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Dakota County, the victim reported to Burnsville police in June that her Visa card was stolen and $8,686 in fraudulent charges were made in two stores. The fraudulent charges began in March and continued until June. The woman said she had not noticed the charges because she had not used the card since November 2011. When she used the card, she had used it to buy items at a number of Burnsville Center stores, as well as a kiosk.

In the victim’s complaint, she provided credit card statements for police, which showed that her credit card had been used to make a number of purchases at two Burnsville Center stores – Life Uniforms and Presents. It was also found that the card was used to make vending machine purchases in Savage and other places throughout Burnsville, as well as the Mall of America and the Minneapolis VA Medical Center.

Upon investigation, the police found out that Daniel worked at both Life Uniforms and Presents and that the allegedly fraudulent transactions occurred while she was on the clock. A witness stated that Daniel had stated she had a family member being treated at the VA Medical Center.

Life Uniform’s manager told police that Daniel had been suspected of stealing and that she was being watched. What appears happened is Daniel was making purchases on the victim’s credit card and then processing returns on her own credit card. The Life Uniforms manager has reported losses of over $5,000.

The owner of Presents told authorities that the fraudulent transactions Daniel allegedly made are similar to those made at Life Uniforms, resulting in $3,000 in losses.

When police questioned Daniel, she became very emotional and admitted that she had used the victim’s credit card to process the fraudulent transactions. According to the complaint, she said she had found the credit card in a drawer at one of her work locations and started using the card for purchases to then return the item and process the credits on her own card. The complaint further states that Daniel said she needed the money because of a gambling problem that left her no money for rent or food.


Criminal Sexual Conduct with Minors Lands Shakopee Man in Prison

Written By: Bloomington Criminal Defense Lawyer & DWI DUI Defense Attorney Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Edina | Published On: 21st December 2012

A Shakopee man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for criminal sexual conduct with two teenage girls.

At the time the girls reported the sexual abuse, they were 13 and 15 years old. They both reported the abuse to their school guidance counselor and the Shakopee police where they stated that they were abused over a period that lasted no less than two years.

The man, 36-year-old Raul Rubio Mascorro, 36, was convicted on November 16 of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, which is for the multiple acts that he committed with his two underage victims. He was also convicted with first-degree criminal sexual conduct for penetration with a victim under age 13. Both of these are felonies.

Mascorro will serve his sentence at the St. Cloud Minnesota Correctional facility. In addition to the 12 years that he will serve, he will be on conditional release for the rest of his life once he is allowed to reenter society. He will have to register as a predatory offender, pay restitution, and will provide a DNA sample. As a part of his sentencing, he received 133 days credit for the time he already served.

Initially, Mascorro’s sentence consisted of five felony charges, but he agreed to plead guilty to two charges in exchange for having the other three charges dismissed. The initial charges were one charge of pornography possession, two charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, and two charges of second-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Mascorro’s arrest came in 2011 when he was in Indiana in the midst of preparations to deploy to Afghanistan. In addition to serving in the military, Mascorro was a Dakota County jailer and even won an award in 2008 for innovations that he had made in his work as a corrections officer. He also had his name etched into a wall of fame due to his physical fitness test performances.

Mascoro’s previous convictions, according to Minnesota court records, consist of speeding in 2003 and window tint in 2005.



Man Gets Probation after Dismissal of Four Felony Counts

Written By: Bloomington Criminal Defense Lawyer & DWI DUI Defense Attorney Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Edina | Published On: 14th November 2012

On October 24, a St. Paul man was sentenced to 28 months in prison after he pleaded guilty to two counts of third degree assault.

Toby Terrell Rogers, 40, was first charged with two counts of third degree assault and three counts of felony domestic assault. He was also charged with a single count of domestic assault by strangulation after he allegedly beat up his girlfriend who was pregnant, her mother, and her son.

The act allegedly took place in a drunken rage.

Timothy D. Wermager, the Dakota County Judge overseeing the case, dismissed all of the domestic assault charges in exchange for a guilty plea to assault. The judge also stayed the five year prison sentence, which means that Rogers will not go to prison as long as he obeys the law until 2017.

Other conditions of Rogers’ probation includes a domestic abuse and chemical dependency evaluation, possible treatment for chemical dependency, medications to be prescribed, provide a DNA sample, no contact with the victims, no possession of any dangerous weapons or firearms, and No alcohol or drug possession until 2017.

This outcome does not suggest that a 2005 fifth degree domestic assault conviction or his 2012 conviction of violating a domestic abuse no-contact had any influence on his sentence.

Gophers’ Assistant Coach Suspended for DWI

Written By: Bloomington Criminal Defense Lawyer & DWI DUI Defense Attorney Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Edina | Published On: 14th November 2012

An assistant basketball coach with the University of Minnesota is suspended until November 13th due to a DWI charge that occurred on October 20th.

Saul Smith, the son of head coach Tubby Smith, will not be able to attend practices through November 13, but his $94,775 salary was reinstated a short time ago, as he is no longer on unpaid leave. He does have to miss 4 games, however.

Norwood Teague, athletics director, said that he discussed with Saul how severe and inappropriate his actions were. He says that Saul has taken responsibility for his actions and has expressed remorse for those actions. They then agreed to disciplinary measures without dismissal being a consideration.

As for the charges, Smith was charged with fourth-degree DWI. He had a blood alcohol concentration of .18, which is twice the legal limit of .08.

Although Teague did not dismiss Smith, he said there were some fans that said he should have due to the serious nature of his actions. Teague said that he has rarely ever seen a coach fired for a DWI, especially when it is their first offense, so he wasn’t going to fire Smith for that reason. The university did look into what other universities have done when a coach has been charged with such an offense.

Smith, 33, has agreed to go through alcohol abuse education and counseling with an outside group that Teague has approved. When Smith returns to his coaching position, he will have to meet with the team and the coaching staff to offer an apology and tell them all what he learned.


Teague said if Smith were to commit the crime again, he would have to undergo even more disciplinary actions, including termination. Teague does feel that the actions thus far are appropriate and that it has caused him to hold the department to a higher standard. He said this is something that is important because it is an act that the department can’t put up with.

Tubby Smith was aware of the offense and how the University handled it, as it did occur while he was out of town for Big Ten Media Day.

Onlaska Woman Facing Theft & Embezzlement Charges

Written By: Bloomington Criminal Defense Lawyer & DWI DUI Defense Attorney Eden Prairie, Hopkins, Edina | Published On: 12th October 2012

A woman is accused of stealing over $200,000 from the La Crescent-Hokah school district to satisfy her gambling habit.

According to the criminal complaint, Mary Chris Turner, the former accounts payable clerk for the district, admitted to stealing the money for up to 10 years, telling police that she spent it at casinos, on bingo, and pulling tabs.

Turner, 59, has been charged with felony theft and embezzlement of public funds, swindle, and credit card fraud.

The complaint says that district officials discovered during an annual audit that checks were missing. They had then noticed that the district Visa card was used to make cash withdrawals. Upon examining the credit card statement, they found that it had been doctored in order to cover-up the transactions.

Turner was immediately suspected by officials because she was responsible for monitoring the use of the credit card. Officials said she was very protective of the cards and would worry about other employees using them to make large transactions.

When the police became involved, they found video surveillance that shows Turner using an ATM machine three times in September, which was when the cash advances were made on the card.

District officials were then able to produce accurate credit card bills starting in January 2008 that shows $202,618 in losses. The investigation also showed that turner wrote checks to herself from the district account, while stating in the books that vendors received the money. Police would find there was $5,000 in cash withdrawals at Kwik Trips in la Crescent in the summer of 2012.

When questioned, Turner admitted that she took the money over a 5 to 10 year period, confirming that the amount could be over $100,000. She said what she did with the money, which included gambling at a Black River Falls Casino and pulling tabs at the American Legion. She also spent the money playing bingo at Crucifixion School.

In addition to admitting to taking district funds, she admitted that she skimmed nearly $10,000 over a six year period from sectional playoff game ticket sale proceeds.

Ron Wile, superintendent of the district, said that the district is conducting its own internal investigation while cooperating with law enforcement. He said the district does have insurance to protect against these types of thefts.

Turner is expected to return to court on October 15. In the meantime, she is free on a conditional bond of $10,000.