Minnesota Fraud Defense Attorney

Fraud crimes can be prosecuted in both State and Federal court. Fraud offenses involve crimes committed for economic gain, typically involving the alleged use of deception, false representations or statements.

What is mail and wire fraud?

Individuals accused of mail or wire fraud can be charged with federal crimes in U.S. District Court. Federal mail and wire fraud statutes cover most types of fraud that in some way use either “mail” or “wire”. These statutes are very broad. “Mail” includes not only United States Postal Service, but also any mailing sent through a private commercial carrier. Similarly, “wire” includes the use of a telephone, television, radio, internet, computer or other communications device. Frequently, mail and wire fraud charges are accompanied by specific fraud claims, such as bank fraud or insider trading.

What should I do if I am charged with fraud or believe I am being investigated for fraud?

All types of fraud, including mail fraud, wire fraud, or an alleged swindle, are serious criminal charges with severe consequences. It is important that you discuss your rights, potential defense and case strategies with an experienced criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. Early preparation by an experienced criminal defense lawyer can increase your chances of a favorable outcome, including the possibility of not being charged, or the charges being dismissed or reduced. If you are being investigated for any fraud offense, Glenn P. Bruder is willing to assist you. He has 25 years experience representing individuals who have been accused of fraud offenses.