Minnesota DWI / DUI Defense Lawyer

Each year, thousands of Minnesotans are charged with Driving While Impaired (DWI). If you, or a member of your family faces a DWI charge, it is vital to engage the services of an effective DWI attorney.

Minnesota DWI law is increasingly complicated and is consciously designed to increase the likelihood of a defendant’s conviction. Accordingly, you should look for an experienced DWI attorney with an established record for effectively representing and successfully defending persons charged with DWI. Many lawyers look at DWIs as a way to earn a quick fee, and try for a quick guilty plea. Glenn P. Bruder’s approach is different. He looks at each case individually and crafts his defense strategy to assure the best outcome for each client.

Minnesota Drunk Driving Attorney

A person facing a DWI charge can pay large fines, lose his or her driving privileges, face insurance premium increases and spend time in jail. These are not small consequences, and it is imperative to search for every possible defense for each DWI defendant. Recently, a driver came to Mr. Bruder looking for a quick resolution of his Anoka County DWI case. Mr. Bruder examined the intoxilyzer test records and noticed a discrepancy. As a result, the Defendants’ driver’s license was reinstated and the DWI charges were dropped. Glenn P. Bruder is prepared to help you in your DWI case.