Minnesota Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Individuals in troubled relationships may find themselves facing domestic assault charges. Not only is this a commonly prosecuted crime, but police often hear wildly conflicting stories, and may leap to conclusions without significant investigation. In reality few, if any, domestic assault situations fit the stereotype of one violent partner attacking a hapless victim.

Most domestic assault charges arise from situations in which both participants have a role in escalating the conflict. If you are in the unfortunate position of being charged with domestic assault, you need to promptly contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. For 25 years, Glenn P. Bruder has represented men and women who have faced domestic assault charges.

Domestic Abuse Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

He will evaluate your case and take the necessary steps to assure that you are protected. Most importantly, if you have children and are involved in a marriage dissolution or custody battle, Glenn P. Bruder will be able to assist you in safeguarding these rights as well.