Robbery Defense Attorney In Minnesota

A conviction for burglary or robbery can result in harsh consequences including prison. For more than 25 years, Glenn P. Bruder has represented clients charged with burglary or robbery, and will furnish you with aggressive defense representation tailored to meet your needs and objections.

Burglary is illegal entry into a building without the owner or occupant’s consent, for the purpose of committing a crime such a theft. In Minnesota, there are four different degrees of burglary. First, Second and Third Degree burglary are felonies, and have maximum sentences ranging from 5-20 years imprisonment. Fourth Degree burglary is a gross misdemeanor, and carries a maximum penalty of one year confinement. The specific charge and sentence depends on a number of factors including:

  • The type of building entered.
  • Whether another person was present in the building at the time it was entered.
  • Whether a weapon was used during the burglary.
  • The type of business occupying the building.