Glenn Defends Client in Bank Fraud Case

Written By: Glenn Bruder | Published On: 5th July 2012

Earlier this year, Glenn spent several weeks representing one of four defendants charged in U.S. District Court with multiple counts of bank fraud and identify theft. The government alleged that Glenn’s client worked as an “inside banker” in a conspiracy resulting in more than $10 million in losses to various banks throughout the country. The jury acquitted Glenn’s client and accepted the defendant’s explanation that he was not a participant in the conspiracy but, instead, was, himself, victimized by the actual criminals. During the trial, the government introduced testimony from more than 70 witnesses and over 300 exhibits. The government also presented a co-defendant who testified against our clients. However, after cross examination of these witnesses, the jury obviously felt this testimony and exhibits were unconvincing. According to Glenn, this shows that if a defendant has a credible explanation, juries are willing to carefully listen to the testimony and will return not guilty verdicts despite efforts by the government to overwhelm the jury with numerous exhibits and witnesses.