Woman Allegedly Steals Credit Card, Racks Up $9,000 in Charges

Written By: Glenn Bruder | Published On: 21st December 2012

Credit card fraud charges have been filed against a Burnsville woman who allegedly swiped a credit card from a Burnsville store and then made nearly $9,000 in fraudulent charges.

Charlotte Denise Daniel, 42, faces $20,000 in fines and up to 20 years in prison for two counts of credit card fraud, a felony.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Dakota County, the victim reported to Burnsville police in June that her Visa card was stolen and $8,686 in fraudulent charges were made in two stores. The fraudulent charges began in March and continued until June. The woman said she had not noticed the charges because she had not used the card since November 2011. When she used the card, she had used it to buy items at a number of Burnsville Center stores, as well as a kiosk.

In the victim’s complaint, she provided credit card statements for police, which showed that her credit card had been used to make a number of purchases at two Burnsville Center stores – Life Uniforms and Presents. It was also found that the card was used to make vending machine purchases in Savage and other places throughout Burnsville, as well as the Mall of America and the Minneapolis VA Medical Center.

Upon investigation, the police found out that Daniel worked at both Life Uniforms and Presents and that the allegedly fraudulent transactions occurred while she was on the clock. A witness stated that Daniel had stated she had a family member being treated at the VA Medical Center.

Life Uniform’s manager told police that Daniel had been suspected of stealing and that she was being watched. What appears happened is Daniel was making purchases on the victim’s credit card and then processing returns on her own credit card. The Life Uniforms manager has reported losses of over $5,000.

The owner of Presents told authorities that the fraudulent transactions Daniel allegedly made are similar to those made at Life Uniforms, resulting in $3,000 in losses.

When police questioned Daniel, she became very emotional and admitted that she had used the victim’s credit card to process the fraudulent transactions. According to the complaint, she said she had found the credit card in a drawer at one of her work locations and started using the card for purchases to then return the item and process the credits on her own card. The complaint further states that Daniel said she needed the money because of a gambling problem that left her no money for rent or food.